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Automobile insurance, ten questions and answers


Automobile insurance  mandatory for all motor vehicles. But sometimes we are here trying to solve doubts us. These are the most recurrent ten, but if you have some more,please add it in the comments at the end of the article.

1. I bought a second hand car. Do I have to continue with the insurance that had the previous owner?

No, the hiring of a certain part of your freedom of choice. There is no limitation to change insurer or insurance.

2. If I buy a new car, who I cover from the dealership to my house?

You must take out insurance before using the vehicle. It is prohibited to circulate with the vehicle without compulsory automobile insurance. If an accident, as well as the corresponding penalty, the driver of the vehicle would be responsible to cover damages that may occur.

3. I pay my automobile insurance by bank transfer, but it takes a few days to become effective. Does insurance cover me during that time?

Yes, there is a month of suspension of the contract after the day of the expiration of the premium. Not only that. The contract would only extinguished in this case if theinsurer does not claim the payment within the six months following the expiration of the premium.

4 I have sold my car and I want to cancel the insurance. But I still left five months sothat it expires. They returned me that proportional part?

No, since the premium is unique. Just return it to if the insurer wants to do it, but it has no legal obligation.
automobile insurance

automobile insurance

5. I want to change automobile insurance, but in other insurance companies ask me my current insurance policy. Is this legal?

Yes, there is any rule prohibiting it. You can use these tips on how to unsubscribe from your insurance company. When hiring a new one, we recommend that you compare insurance car here, since you can compare between a lot of insurance companies in one place.

6. What time does an insurance company‘s vehicles to compensate a loss?

The insurer is required to satisfy the compensation at the end of investigations andappraisals required to establish the loss and economic damage. In any event, within a maximum period of 40 days from receipt of the statement of claim should be putat the disposal of the insured the minimum amount which may be due. Roughing know that there are cases not covered by car insurance.

7. What are automobile insurance  expert expenses?

Expert costs is what takes an expert to perform their work. If there is no agreement in the assessment of a claim and to hire experts, each party must pay the expenses of their expert. If no agreement is possible that you have to go to a third expert (be paid half).

8. My automobile insurance company and I do not we agree in the assessment of a claim. What can I do?

Although long ago we reviewed what to do if you disagree with your insurance company, we summarize it. Each Party shall appoint an arbitrator, and must record in writing the acceptance of these. If a party had not made the designation shall be obliged to perform it within a period of 8 days from the required by that had appointedhim.
If there is agreement, it will pick up in minutes and will proceed to indemnify the insured; If there is no agreement, you may designate a third neutral arbitrator, in common agreement between the parties and if then there is no agreement, the appointment will have to be carried out by the Court of first instance.

9. No company wants to make my car. What can I do?

First thing is to file an affidavit stating the refusal of insurance companies to formalize the contract and, if possible, the copy of the rejections made by them to the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, who must make. Insurance is mandatory, so itshould always be possible to hire him.
automobile insurance

automobile insurance

10. Offer. me a franchise to leave insurance me cheaper. What is it exactly?

If it is hired cars with this type of insurance, the insured participates in the sinister economically and in a certain proportion. That is why insurance is cheaper. For example, if a 20% franchise has agreed, and occurs a loss valued at 601,01 euros 120,20 euros would be in charge of the remaining 480,80 in charge of the insurer and the insured.
It also tends to contract with certain amounts. For example, with excess of 90 euros,the insured would pay up to that amount while the insurance covers the excess overthe amount of franchise. Be interested in the article on how to choose the most suitable insurance.
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Car Insurance Online, the Best for You

Doubts and ignorance drive away some users of online car insurance contracts. However, the reality is that negotiations over the Internet are increasingly frequent, easyand safe. In the insurance sector experience and professionalism are one sufficient guarantee so you can try this possibility.

Hire car insurance over the Internet does not have to be a problem. In fact, it is a process that brings together a handful of advantages that are worth rating, if you‘re not entirely convinced.

1 Hire a car online insurance is fast

If you have haste, for the reason that it is, and you need a car insurance already, it ismore than likely that the best option for you is the online recruitment. Electronic management has come a long way in a very short time and insurance companies give virtual answer to the needs of immediacy that customers are demanding.

Although it may depend on the particular circumstances of the client and the type of insurance you want to hire online, in the case of conventional policies online processing will allow you to save time. For starters, you won’t have to go to no physical office or, for example, have to wait to be seen.

insurance car

insurance car

2. Find cheap car insurance is easy if you are looking for online

Virtual accessibility is a feature which enjoy the vast majority of pages created for the processing of online car insurance. Intuition is enough to navigate with total reliability and its best results in the hiring of an insurance policy, it is not necessary for you to be an expert in technology or computer, a userlevel is sufficient.

If your experience in an application or website for online car insurance, does not respond to these expectations of simplicity and safety, it is recommended that you notfollow the procedure. Solvents and with guarantees insurance companies have online services 100 by intuitive 100 which you can follow with ease and comfort.

3. The best insurance car, without schedules or geographical limitations

The lack of restrictions on the time and space defines online shopping and is an undeniable advantage in the case of insurance car online subscription. No matter the time of day you have free or available to do this type of management, you don’t haveto stick to commercial schedules, even looking at the clock or the calendar, you choose and decide.

Just with the schedules like space. You might need to renew your car policy or signa new get when you are not in your city, you can even that you are out of the country. With companies that manage online that will not be a problem. Whenever you have a compatible mobile device, and a connection to the network can hire a car or,as a minimum insurance policy much advance the process and compare budgets.

4. Many types of bonuses and specific offers car insurance

Insurance companies aspire to your online business to thrive at the pace that marks the market and to help the most undecided against new technologies or persuade them to choose among different alternatives, they often launch targeted offers.

Economic discounts and promotions that you can find on the net, if you are looking for information on online car insurance, they are very interesting and you can enjoydiscounts on premiums to pay that apply only in the case of the procedures for dealing with online car insurance. You will not only find best prices, also are usual services, coverage or additional and exclusive assistance for contracts of this type.

5 Calculate your insurance with total security

If you tramitas your car insurance online with a company with guarantees and professionalism will not have security problems in any sense: the protection of personal data, the processing and payment of the premium are fully guaranteed and verified by current security protocols.

Prudence, however, is always recommended, especially if you decide to delve into not too known insurance pages. In these cases it is important that you check the Security page and online reputation that the insurer has. You can do it in seconds witha simple search of the name of the company in any search engine for routine use. Ifyou have any doubts or you get makes you suspect, takes measures and be cautious.

insurance car

insurance car

6. Safe car with ongoing advice and information

You‘ll never be only in a processing of a secure online car, keep in mind that services the user which you can find on the net are every day more and better. From chat or instant messaging with an Advisor, to telephone support and in many cases free, during or at any point of the same.
Never stay with doubts or lack of information when it comes to choose and buy your car insurance, if do you it online do not have to renounce these information services and advice that makes you always feel quiet and backed up, secure the product that you are hiring conforms to your needs and your car.

7 Calculate your online car insurance and choose with help of the comparators

The comparators of car insurance are one of virtual tools that more users every day,their success shows that they are advisable, useful and practical. If betting information and hiring your car insurance policy online, comparison of budgets is simple andmuch more rapid, complete and efficient.
In just a few minutes, any user can complete the main data needed for a comparator offers you more than ten budgets. Only half an hour more than view virtual in themain insurance companies, you can get the information needed to choose your policy and even hire her. This process would take weeks to you do it in a traditional wayand visiting different offices.
This set of advantages confirms that hiring a car insurance online is a good idea, butif there are still doubts and you‘ve never explored this terrain, it is best to do it now.Personal experience is the ultimate proof that you will show if the virtual recruitment of your insurance policy is the perfect way of processing for you.
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What does a guy who is a life insurance and insurance retirement money planning professional knowledge about food? What do these have to do with food, especially life insurance over 60?

The answers

I am only a professional. I’m human. I am over 60. Like all living things, including humans, I must eat to survive. That does not make me an expert in food, but I have taken a passionate interest in food and how it affects me.

The broadest statement I can make is that the foods we consume, which includes not only the food we put into our bodies, but how we feed ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. All this has a direct effect on our overall health. Our health is one of the two main factors that determine our ability to qualify for life insurance that includes life insurance for retirement planning. Our health also has a direct effect on our longevity. Does not longevity affect safe money?

Life insurance products and insurance plan money retirement planning directly with these issues.


So, where these cross-over issues have a direct effect not only on my livelihood and financial health. It also has a direct effect on everyone’s livelihood and financial health. To what extent it affects others is why I deal with this issue as a topic to write this article. It’s not up to me to decide for you. It’s up to you to decide. I am trying to help by drawing attention to the topic (s).

Not an expert on food

We do not claim to have all the answers that relates to food. I pretend to have done a great job of researching and I know how the food affects me. I hope that others will look more closely and their own situation and do their own research. I like to share my experiences and knowledge on the subject of food. I am licensed to help people with insurance products and safe retirement money planning, the best money insurance.

There are actually 5 factors. They are the 5th of F: Food, fitness, finances, achievement and fun.

A lifestyle

They are about health, balance, protection and peace of mind. They are designed to work together in a cyclical way to create a lasting and rewarding life.

They are how I try to live my life and a simple way of defining life I try to live with the intention of interacting with other people who live a similar life or who are interested in such a life.

Simple formula

Eat organic as often as possible. If it is directly from an animal or plant and has not been processed, it is probably well, at least not as harmful as part of the trash that passes as food. Read the labels. If you can not pronounce the ingredients or you do not know what they are, do not buy it and do not eat it.

Join me?

Bob is a retirement planning and professional money insurance who specializes in life insurance products, and who has more than 20 years of experience.

His company, a bulletproof life is based on honesty, respect, and best effort and is the 5 F: Food, fitness, finance, accomplishment, fun.

He believes that all 5 of F directly or indirectly affect or are affected by life insurance and money insurance.

Plan your dream or prepare for a nightmare.