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What does a guy who is a life insurance and insurance retirement money planning professional knowledge about food? What do these have to do with food, especially life insurance over 60?

The answers

I am only a professional. I’m human. I am over 60. Like all living things, including humans, I must eat to survive. That does not make me an expert in food, but I have taken a passionate interest in food and how it affects me.

The broadest statement I can make is that the foods we consume, which includes not only the food we put into our bodies, but how we feed ourselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. All this has a direct effect on our overall health. Our health is one of the two main factors that determine our ability to qualify for life insurance that includes life insurance for retirement planning. Our health also has a direct effect on our longevity. Does not longevity affect safe money?

Life insurance products and insurance plan money retirement planning directly with these issues.


So, where these cross-over issues have a direct effect not only on my livelihood and financial health. It also has a direct effect on everyone’s livelihood and financial health. To what extent it affects others is why I deal with this issue as a topic to write this article. It’s not up to me to decide for you. It’s up to you to decide. I am trying to help by drawing attention to the topic (s).

Not an expert on food

We do not claim to have all the answers that relates to food. I pretend to have done a great job of researching and I know how the food affects me. I hope that others will look more closely and their own situation and do their own research. I like to share my experiences and knowledge on the subject of food. I am licensed to help people with insurance products and safe retirement money planning, the best money insurance.

There are actually 5 factors. They are the 5th of F: Food, fitness, finances, achievement and fun.

A lifestyle

They are about health, balance, protection and peace of mind. They are designed to work together in a cyclical way to create a lasting and rewarding life.

They are how I try to live my life and a simple way of defining life I try to live with the intention of interacting with other people who live a similar life or who are interested in such a life.

Simple formula

Eat organic as often as possible. If it is directly from an animal or plant and has not been processed, it is probably well, at least not as harmful as part of the trash that passes as food. Read the labels. If you can not pronounce the ingredients or you do not know what they are, do not buy it and do not eat it.

Join me?

Bob is a retirement planning and professional money insurance who specializes in life insurance products, and who has more than 20 years of experience.

His company, a bulletproof life is based on honesty, respect, and best effort and is the 5 F: Food, fitness, finance, accomplishment, fun.

He believes that all 5 of F directly or indirectly affect or are affected by life insurance and money insurance.

Plan your dream or prepare for a nightmare.

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