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Home insurance nine services for you

In his bet by differentiate is of the competition, the companies seek, each timemore, market services extra in its safe of home insurance for attract (or loyalty) to new customers. In this article you have what are the more prominent.
It has stopped operating your computer and we are worried to take it to a Service Center for the price which can be repair? Have you lost your luggage on your last vacation and consider insufficient the assistance offered by the travel company? Beforeincurring any additional expenses, we recommend that you review your home insurance, because it is possible that your company offers you a service in your policy with which to face these situations.

In his fight to win positions in the market, insurers compete not only with aggressive discounts and promotions, but also with the inclusion of certain extra services thatprovide differential value to its products. Most of them do not imply a rise in insurance home (as, for example, assistance in DIY at home) while others may require to expandcertain coverages (happens in the case of service removals, among others). In this article, we have evaluated which of these “extra” can help make your life easier.

1. Computer support

In a world of such technology as the current and which, in every home, there are plenty of computing devices (computers, tablets and media players…) a home insurance that does not cover assistance or repair of these items is unthinkable. Therefore,most of the companies include it in their conditioned, although with different limitations: Mapfre, among others, guarantees in its policy more basic remote support forsmartphones and tablets 24 hours a day, as well as installation of antivirus systems.AXA, on the other hand, incorporates this service only FlexiVip, their policy of high range.


2 Travel assistance home insurance

If you usually frequent trips we recommend that you check whether your policy includes issues related to the loss of baggage, repatriation or medical expenses of emergency. While tour operators provide assistance to such unforeseen, it is possible that your home insurance will have greater coverage. Caser, Asefa, Mapfre or Genesis include travel assistance coverage and Mutua Madrileña, in the case of theft or lossof luggage or personal effects, commits to, once recovered, move them to the placewhere directed by the insured.


3. Repair of home appliances

More and more home insurance companies include repair of home appliances. In some cases it is an optional warranty that represents an increase of the cost, for example in the policies of Asefa and Caser, but in others the company offers it for free. MAPFREis notable for covering two interventions per year to repair mechanical, electrical orelectronic breakdown suffering from our appliances, and includes displacement, three hours of labor and parts.

home insurance

home insurance

4. DIY service

Home insurance may also include assistance in DIY, plumbing or electricity. A teamof professionals will be available to assist, not so much in repairs that may arise against certain unforeseen events, but in specific needs that have the customer, as for example, to assemble a bookshelf, modify the color of a wall or change the décor ofa room. Thus, Mapfre offers two interventions per year and three hours of labor in each visit and companies like Liberty Seguros, Allianz, Asefa, Catalana Occidente, Generali, or Genesis also incorporate a similar service for free on their insurance.


5. Medical consultations

The company makes available the insured medical orientation of permanent assistance service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service provides information of general health, medical centers and emergency, centers vaccinations, ambulances, pharmacies of guard, etc. You can find it in insurance from Allianz, Asefa, Catalana Occidente, or walnut.

6. Protection against unemployment

Some policies of home include coverage by unemployment, which provides some security in uncertain times for the family. Others include Asefa, which covers the amount of three monthly mortgage payments in the event that the head of household isunemployed. However, it is important to review the terms of this service, even though we‘re paying for it, maybe that she is not always comply with standards requiring companies to access the same.

7. Special autonomous

 If you are a self-employed worker and depend economically on the day of your work, there are home insurance companies that offer extra services to contribute to your peace of mind as a professional. Normally, this translates into a subsidy for every day low or each day you remain hospitalized and outweigh revenue that will no longer beobtained because of a temporary disability. This coverage usually entail an additional cost and therefore increases the value of the policy depending on who they hire.
home insurance

home insurance

8. Tax advice

Although the coverage of civil liability and the legal assistance have become two ofthe basic elements of any insurance, some companies have begun to also offer advice on fiscal matters. It is, in particular, for the preparation and submission of taxes (the Declaration of quarterly VAT, for example) or support at the time of the statement of income. Usually the company provides this service, directly as in the case of  home insurance of BBK, which includes tax advice in matters relating to income tax orwills-.

9. Access to preferential discounts

In order to attract new customers, increasingly the home insurance companies who sign agreements with other organizations to offer discounts to their customers in the event that they acquire certain services. For example, those who subscribe to a policy with Adeslas will benefit from discounts at Barceló Viajes and, if they do so with Mutua Madrileña, will get rebates on fuel, car rental, repair vehicles or, even, tickets to cultural and sporting events.

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