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home Insurance

Well it is true that ensure the home is not obligatory, but not for this reason, home insurance are less important. Nothing is so our home as. By this, is essential know them risks that threaten our housing and them offers that we offer them different companies home insurance to ensure our home.

There are different types of insurance: those covering damages to third parties, for example, water leakage; and that cover our belongings in case of fire, flood, theft… (they can even cover damage to your pet.) You can choose to protect every thing separately or make your home using a secure multi-risk home, a more economic and efficient option. Analyzes them offers of the different companies of insurance and selects which more is suits to your needs and interests. You must also take into accountthat to secure your home, owner protects it of natural disasters by the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros. Floods, hurricanes or, even, the attacks terrorists not already threaten your home.


Home insurance: what claims covered by the guarantee of fire?

One of the risks that more justifies the hiring of a safe of home is the possibility of that is produce a fire in house. They are very feared accidents, which are not amongthe most frequent claims, but whose consequences without tend to be very serious,both from the economic point of view and from the perspective of the loss of life that cost these claims each year.

Them data on the claims of fire in the home in 2015 reveal that this year is produced until 15.628 fires in homes, what is a half of 43 fires daily. These fires are claimed the life of 110 people, a high figure that, however, is a 15% more low that it registered the year previous.

Faced with this reality, home insurance offer fire coverage as a way to alleviate the effects of a fire at home. The insurance contract Act establishes the rules that guide this coverage, which is very important in this type of policy by the protection offeredto families and companies that are exposed to suffer a fire


home insurance

home insurance

Fires in the home insurance coverage

With fire coverage,home insurance are required to compensate the damage caused by a fire when fire arises incidentally. The law of contract of insurance specific some causes that they are under the protection of these policies, such as the “ill-will of strangers”, coming to be the same as the fire is caused intentionally by unknown.

The action of arsonists and the fire originated by a neglect, own or of people to charge of the person insured, are cases in which the safe of home also responds with acompensation by fire.

On the other hand, the law of insurance contract sets that insurers are not obliged to compensate the damage by fire arising out of fraud or serious fault of the insured. Of this form, which is wants to avoid is that any garment fire intentionally to a roomof the House to collect the safe.


Compensation for home insurance in case of fire

Home insurance with coverage of fire should compensate those damages and material losses caused by fire, within the framework laid down in the conditions of the policy.

The action of flames and smoke can cause many destructions in housing and in fixtures, appliances and facilities of the House. On the other hand, put out the fire may be a cost, in the same way that have to assume different expenditures when Burns USHouse, as the accommodation while the dwelling is restored, the moving of furniture when it is necessary, or works of painting of the facade and the walls of the Houseto return to its previous appearance.

The home insurance policy usually come defined cases that covers this firecoverage, but these are the damages that are usually included in this warranty:

Damage caused by the fire in the House
Damage caused by the flames are covered by the policy, although we must look to the insurance conditions to know the details of this compensation. In this sense, we must take into account if our insurance covers only mainland housing or also includes the contents within the coverage.


Cost of firefighters

Turn off the heat does not come free and if the fire occurred because of negligenceof the owner, the costs of extinction could be passed on it. In this case, again, we must look at the conditions of the policy, since most insurance cover the cost of the fire, although they do not always cover 100%.

Damage caused by a lightning strike

Some policies also offer protection against the consequences of a lightning strike. In these cases, the home insurance covers damage caused by the fire that can trigger lightning.
home insurance

home insurance

The objects disappeared in the fire

Fire coverage offers compensation for the value of the missing items, provided thatthe insured person verifying its existence. In these cases, only it sees as except that the insurer proves that those objects were stolen or stolen.

Reconstruction of housing

After a fire, if the housing has been destroyed completely, the owner can choose between cash compensation or embark on the reconstruction of the House. In this second case, are often set some maximum limits for the costs of reform, although in some home insurance it covers up to 100% of the repairs.

Accommodation and furniture moving

There are home insurance which, under its guarantee of fire, Coast family accommodation expenses over a period of time, while seeking alternative housing or the reconstruction works are carried out in the damaged house.
If works are performed in the housing to its reform, it is possible you may need to take the furniture of the House. These costs may also be included within the policy.

Damages that are not covered by fire insurance

In addition to the damage caused by a fire caused intentionally by the policyholder,fire coverage usually does not cover those damages caused by the action of the heat of different elements, but that does not reach to generate a fire. We speak of sunburn generated by sparks and Sparks, which can cause an iron on clothes or a cigarette on the couch.
In addition, damage to objects that are considered of particular value (jewels, cash,art objects, etc.) would be covered only if they are included in the conditions of thepolicy.

You hire a home insurance with coverage of fire

However, having a home insurance with coverage of fire is always a good choice, while it is not mandatory. A fire is a tragedy and the insurance can help restore normalcy. In any case, it is important to compare between different offers to find that most interests us, with the most economic price.
In this sense, our insurance online comparison can help you to take out home insurance cheap and interesting guaranteed like this. Just fill out a form, we compare foryou the best offers on the market and get more interesting price. We work with insurance leaders, all confidence, that can offer you an interesting offer, with quality coverage and services.

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