Health insurance preferential you know which

Preferential health insurance consist of a small fixed amount with an additional payment only when you go to the doctor.

Baremadas policies do not have deficiencies and not set limits on the basis of the age or State of health of the user.

The amount to be paid by the insured for each treatment or consultation the pacta the insurer with the clinic, health center or health insurance.

Private or public health? Surely this is one of the questions that a large percentageof the population in deciding in the hands of who put one of his most valuable possessions: health.

The decision is not as easy as choosing between Social Security and private health, since there are different modalities within health insurance: insurance co-pays, without co-payments, with reimbursement or preferential. Then, can choose what?

Although all cases involve insurance medical differences between them can be abysmal. In this article we will explain in detail the preferential health insurance. What?,what is special?, what are its advantages?, and the disadvantages?

health insurance

health insurance

What are preferential health insurance?


The preferential are a form of health insurance that allows users access to private medicine and benefit from its advantages at a more affordable price. The customer pays a much lower than a traditional insurance premium and when it needs to go to aspecialist only has to pay for the service you are using. The services will have to be paid directly at the clinic or center that receives the treatment and the insured must present a card certifying that he has contracted insurance allowing you to benefit from these advantageous conditions.

The difference between see a doctor without insurance of health or one baremado is that the latter form the price of each visit or treatment can be up to 70% less thantheir regular prices. In addition, all tests, diagnoses, treatments or consultations arepreferential, i.e. the insured will know at all times the price that you must pay for each of them.

Pacta prices the insurance in the different clinics, centers and professionals that have Convention, always below its official prices. Therefore, the schedule will vary depending on the health centre or specialist chosen within the medical box.

Secure preferential insurance vs traditional

Preferential health insurance differ from the rest of insurance that do not include periods of shortcomings, so it can be used from the time of their recruitment by all kinds of people like, for example, pregnant women. In addition, while a traditional insurance sets limits as to the age at the time of being hired and even excludes those who have certain illnesses, preferential insurance can be signed both a man of 45 years old without any health problem by one of 85 who have diabetes.

Another feature of this mode is the absence of authorization, i.e., it is not necessary for the insurer to study the State of health of a person to decide if he runs the risk of make it or not.

Preferential health insurance Vs health insurance co-pays


Preferential insurance may be confused with those that apply a co-payment for theuse of certain medical services since the 2 require the payment of a fee and an additional amount for the use of it.


But, despite the fact that the methodology seems the same, the difference is substantial since, while the premium of the insurance co-pay is much higher than the preferential cannot be said the same of the amount payable by the insured by go to query or perform a treatment. The copay cost tends to be between 1 and 100 euros, while the scales can be placed at 150 euros which usually cost a simple T.A.C. to the nearly 5,000 euros which can achieve a breast augmentation operation.

A pediatric review which is situated between 2 and 20 euros, on a certain scale withwith a co-pay insurance does not usually be below the 25 euros, while a rehabilitation session can cost more than twice with a baremado sure that with one with co-payment.

The absence of periods of lack and exclusions on the basis of sex, age or health status are other aspects that differentiate a form of insurance on the other. In addition,preferential insurance include specialties as plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons, often excluded in the insurance co-pay.


The teeth in the baremado health insurance

Insurance scaled par excellence is the dental. The user who subscribes to a policy ofthis kind pays a premium that includes some free treatments and discounts of between 20 and 40% in other treatments. Most health insurance preferential, not to say all, include its coverage for dental services. Some are free such as reviews, routine consultations and even urgency. Other treatments and services at preferential prices, i.e. the user must pay a fixed amount but only when you use them.Preferential treatments:

Dental services that are often included in preferential health insurance are:
Root canals
Buccal cleaning
Orthodontics (2year treatments)
health insurance

health insurance

Specific dental insurance

Dental insurance keep certain similarities with medical insurance, even can be hiredtogether, but while that of health you can choose whether to have or not co-payments in the dental this option is not available.
Rather than hire a baremado health insurance, with access to a multitude of specialties, users may opt for a specific Dental insurance when they intend to start an expensive treatment. Thus, patients pay a premium, which is usually not too high, and they can access services at lower prices than be without him.

It tracks the best health insurance

Baremado health insurance is the product indicated for those users who don’t want to deal with a traditional policy premium but who want to access private health careat more affordable prices. Thus, a patient may decide at a certain point go to a private specialist, in Exchange for an agreed amount, and avoid one of the big drawbacks of Social Security: the long waiting lists.
Rastreator.com offers you the opportunity to search in just a few minutes between alarge number of insurance companies dental insurance or health that most suit what you are looking for. Preferential, co-pays or no co-payments. The trick to not be mistaken in the choice is to compare not only the price but also the coverage including in the case of the preferential and insurance co-pays, the annual premium and thecost of using certain services


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