Car insurance know how to choose

Choose car insurance can become a headache. There is a wide variety of car insurance companies on the market offering different products with different conditions.

So when hiring a car insurance must be well informed about the contracted coverage since there are differences between insurers. One of the factors most important tothe customer is to know the fee that will be paid with the car insurance that you choose.

The fee to be paid depends, among other things, of the place of residence. For insurance companies this is a fundamental fact already that if you live in a city or regionconsidered at high risk may be the fee to pay a little more than another person whoresides in a low risk area.


How is risk evaluated car insurance?

The risk is an element that companies measure it through the number of drivers who have had accidents annually, separating the profiles by city, age, marital status and sex. This risk will be that affect and determine the fees payable by drivers and this in turn depends on different factors car insurance.

car insurance

car insurance

Drivers age: if it refers to a high-risk zone, i.e., where there are a lot of young driversor older, insurance fees tend to increase for all candidates. This is because that thisarea has a high statistical probability that accidents may occur. This also depends on whether or not it is a zone of high volume of traffic.

Size City: If an area is near a large city, tends to have higher fees. This occurs when people living in her drive to the city for work, shopping or any other activity, on the other hand, for those residing in remote areas the share will be lower.


The car insurance companies make some exceptions

In many cases the high risks apply to certain geographical areas and not to a specific driver profile. For this reason, if driving records are clean, with more than 25 yearsold and meets in time car insurance payments, we could get a lower rate despite living in an area of high risk.


Some tips to keep in mind

One way to save on car insurance fee is buying a low mileage, in this way car ratesmay decrease despite living in an area of high risk.

In the case that the insurer makes a distinction between the different uses given to the car, i.e. If it is for daily use of work or for entertainment, this allows the customeralso will get lower insurance fee.

In conclusion, the majority of insurers take into account the geographical area as the main element of risk in determining the share of car insurance.

The new proposal that has been launched with the PIVE 7 plan, whose objective was to the foster automotive sales, expected vehicle sales to continue rising in the coming months.

And as a result of this increase in the sale of vehicles, it is clear that insurance will bethe affected second of this new plan that been implemented by the Government of Mariano Rajoy.

One of the main mistakes committed at the time of insurance is, convert the price into the most important data and leave the coverage offered in the background.

Car insurance offers protection in case of an accident or other incident involving a motorvehicle. For this reason, it is important that the policy covers the needs and the corresponding damage as well as medical expenses.

In addition, a car can become a tool of fundamental work that is necessary to operate and is well-kept since comes into play the lives of motorists. It is therefore important to know well the coverages and what is covered in the case of accident.


Choose what insurance and why?

When going are to take out insurance, premium not only get the best guarantees ofsecurity for the car. Another important point is the tranquility that is a particularly relevant.


Some of the important coverage that must be taken into account when choosing aninsurance are:

car insurance

car insurance


Compulsory and voluntary civil liability costs: i.e., in this case order to cover those economic consequences may have against the third party driver. It also includes material and personal damage. In the case of voluntary civil liability, it also includes the excesses of the compensation limits set out in the car insurance.
Vehicle theft: This includes both inside the garage and outside on the street. And why this coverage is important above all those people who have to daily parking on the street and increased risks.
Accident damages: regardless of who is the culprit.
Travel assistance: guarantees in case of breakdown roadside assistance with the vehicle anywhere.
Break of moons: includes change of Moon and placement.
But in addition to these coverages, some insurance put at the disposal of the customer other coverage of complementary nature as a vehicle of replacement, handlingof fines, certain medical treatment and legal services.


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