Car Insurance How to Save Money


Tracking devices are starting to come along for the ride, sending the insurers information about each step and braking the drive. A startup called Metromile offers pay-as-you-drive car insurance (available so far in four states) for those driving less than 10,000 miles per year.

But these innovative ways to ensure they are still incipient, since, according to a report, people are resistant to privacy and the potential impact on prices.
So the vast majority of people are still shopping for car insurance the old-fashioned way – and it’s as confusing as ever. The problem? The industry does not have an MLS as real estate or an ATI or Saber as flights, where all the policies of all companies can be compared in one place.

Unlike buying a return ticket or airline, in order to get a real car insurance quote and not just an estimate, you need to give up a lot of data and access to your credit score, Which the company does not do until it’s close to buying because it costs money.

Even so, companies are trying to simplify the process. In the last year or so, a couple of new services – Zebra websites and compares, plus an application for iOS called Go – have launched to make it easier and faster for drivers to make purchases for types Traditional cheap car insurance.

Zebra offers side-by-side comparison of more than 1,800 products from more than 200 companies from all 50 states, representing 96% of the market. That’s much more than competitors like 14-year-old  car Insurance, which has 17 companies car insurance(though none of the larger ones like State Farm). But the zebra serves estimates, not real rates. Compare offers real rates, not estimates, but only have 31 companies (including eight of the big 20), and in some markets, they only offer support. Go is an iPhone app that can show potentially cheaper rates within 30 seconds and also uses the co-processor movement on the iPhone 6 to come up with new offers based on your driving habits but your quotes are much less accurate .

As you can see the car insurance is changing and adapting to the latest improvements on the market, I hope you like the article.

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