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Automobile insurance, ten questions and answers


Automobile insurance  mandatory for all motor vehicles. But sometimes we are here trying to solve doubts us. These are the most recurrent ten, but if you have some more,please add it in the comments at the end of the article.

1. I bought a second hand car. Do I have to continue with the insurance that had the previous owner?

No, the hiring of a certain part of your freedom of choice. There is no limitation to change insurer or insurance.

2. If I buy a new car, who I cover from the dealership to my house?

You must take out insurance before using the vehicle. It is prohibited to circulate with the vehicle without compulsory automobile insurance. If an accident, as well as the corresponding penalty, the driver of the vehicle would be responsible to cover damages that may occur.

3. I pay my automobile insurance by bank transfer, but it takes a few days to become effective. Does insurance cover me during that time?

Yes, there is a month of suspension of the contract after the day of the expiration of the premium. Not only that. The contract would only extinguished in this case if theinsurer does not claim the payment within the six months following the expiration of the premium.

4 I have sold my car and I want to cancel the insurance. But I still left five months sothat it expires. They returned me that proportional part?

No, since the premium is unique. Just return it to if the insurer wants to do it, but it has no legal obligation.
automobile insurance

automobile insurance

5. I want to change automobile insurance, but in other insurance companies ask me my current insurance policy. Is this legal?

Yes, there is any rule prohibiting it. You can use these tips on how to unsubscribe from your insurance company. When hiring a new one, we recommend that you compare insurance car here, since you can compare between a lot of insurance companies in one place.

6. What time does an insurance company‘s vehicles to compensate a loss?

The insurer is required to satisfy the compensation at the end of investigations andappraisals required to establish the loss and economic damage. In any event, within a maximum period of 40 days from receipt of the statement of claim should be putat the disposal of the insured the minimum amount which may be due. Roughing know that there are cases not covered by car insurance.

7. What are automobile insurance  expert expenses?

Expert costs is what takes an expert to perform their work. If there is no agreement in the assessment of a claim and to hire experts, each party must pay the expenses of their expert. If no agreement is possible that you have to go to a third expert (be paid half).

8. My automobile insurance company and I do not we agree in the assessment of a claim. What can I do?

Although long ago we reviewed what to do if you disagree with your insurance company, we summarize it. Each Party shall appoint an arbitrator, and must record in writing the acceptance of these. If a party had not made the designation shall be obliged to perform it within a period of 8 days from the required by that had appointedhim.
If there is agreement, it will pick up in minutes and will proceed to indemnify the insured; If there is no agreement, you may designate a third neutral arbitrator, in common agreement between the parties and if then there is no agreement, the appointment will have to be carried out by the Court of first instance.

9. No company wants to make my car. What can I do?

First thing is to file an affidavit stating the refusal of insurance companies to formalize the contract and, if possible, the copy of the rejections made by them to the Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, who must make. Insurance is mandatory, so itshould always be possible to hire him.
automobile insurance

automobile insurance

10. Offer. me a franchise to leave insurance me cheaper. What is it exactly?

If it is hired cars with this type of insurance, the insured participates in the sinister economically and in a certain proportion. That is why insurance is cheaper. For example, if a 20% franchise has agreed, and occurs a loss valued at 601,01 euros 120,20 euros would be in charge of the remaining 480,80 in charge of the insurer and the insured.
It also tends to contract with certain amounts. For example, with excess of 90 euros,the insured would pay up to that amount while the insurance covers the excess overthe amount of franchise. Be interested in the article on how to choose the most suitable insurance.

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